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Waterfall Pump

Lifegard Waterfall Pump

Waterfall pump for sale

Designed for specific demands of water features such as fountains and waterfalls. For low head applications that require a flow rate between 35-180 gpm. 60% quieter and uses 60% less energy than other pumps. Features extra large strainer basket with transparent strainer pot lid and comfortable handle for easy access.

Lifegard Waterfall Pumps are External pond pumps.

External pond pumps are generally more efficient than submersible pumps and use less electricity for the water volume pumped. They do require more plumbing and the installation of a leaf trap on the pump's inlet for protection against debris.

External pond pumps can be used to power fountains, waterfalls and all types of pond filters. All of our pumps are self-priming with easily accessible strainers for simple maintenance.

When selecting a an external pond pump, the basic rule of thumb is to select one that will pump at least the full volume of water of your pond in one hour. Meaning, if your pond has a volume of 3000 gallons, you will need a pump that will pump at least 3000 gallons per hour.

Lifegard Waterfall Pump AFP-75 -5100 GPH

~Price $962.00

Lifegard Waterfall Pump AFP-120 - 7200 GPH

~Price $1000.00

Lifegard Waterfall Pump AFP-150 - 9600 GPH

~Price $1,183.00

Lifegard Waterfall Pump AFP-180 - 10,800 GPH

~Price $1,600.00

You can determine the operating cost of any pump by using this formula: amps x volts divided by 1000 x KWH cost x 24 hours-a-day x 30.4 days-per-month = cost per month.

If the pump is rated in watts instead of amps use this formula: watts divided by 1000 x kWh x 24 hours-a-day x 30.4 days-per-month.

KWH is the kilowatt-hour cost, which you can get from an electric bill or by calling your local electric company.

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