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Water Garden Plants

N Siam Blue Waterlily

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The selection of Water Garden Plants is as varied as the colors of Koi. Most ponders will choose water garden plants not only for the visual effects but for the benefits they have for your water and fish. You should look for plants that blend in with the design of your water feature and the rest of your yard. Whether your design is formal or informal will affect the way you use plants.

There are a number of practical uses of plants that you should consider for around your water garden: for reducing wind, discouraging predators, framing view, and defining paths. You will certainly want to take advantage of your ponds ability to reflect plants with colorful foliage and dramatic shapes, and to situate fragrant plants near benches or other stopping places.

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Water Lilies

Pond Plants

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Unwanted Plants and Weeds or Plants to be used for Koi Food:

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Toxic Plants

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