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Pond Set Up

Build a Koi or Fish Pond

Build a Fish Pond Paradise in your backyard, your own tranquil space.

Build A Koi Pond or Backyard Ponds
Build a koi fish pond and backyard ponds step by step.

Build a Low-Maintenance Fish Pond
With A State-of-the-Art Guide to Low-Maintenance Pond Construction 6 Pages of Instruction.
Build A Fish Pond Page 2
Build A Fish Pond Page 3
Build A Fish Pond Page 4
Build A Fish Pond Page 5
Build A Fish Pond Page 6

Build a Koi Fish Pond Blog
The build a fish pond blog keeps you up-to-date on the additions and changes of Web Site Subscribe here.

Outdoor Koi Pond

Koi Information

Essential Supplies for Ponds

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Koi Pond Filters
Do you need a Filter? Are Koi Pond Filters Recommended in a Koi Pond? If you Plan On Keeping Koi you Do.

Aqua UV Systems

EPDM Pond Liners for Sale All Sizes
All Sizes of the EPDM Pond Liners

Pond Pump

UV Clarifiers
UV Clarifiers for a Crystal Clear Pond

UV Sanitizers

Waterfall Pump

Water Gardens

Container Water Garden
Container Water Garden can contain any number of Aquatic Plants.

Garden Waterfall and Backyard Waterfall
Garden Waterfall for you bakyard pond

Pond Plants
Pond Plants to use in your Water Garden or Koi Pond.

Koi Pond Supplies

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Pond Cleaning Supplies
The Pond Cleaning Supplies You Need To Make Pond Cleaning Easier For You.
Aquatic Weed Eradicator
Pond Brush
Pond Keeper Oxygen Cleaner
Pro Pond Net
Sanidate RTU
Telescopic Pole
Water Testing Kits

Pond Shop
Pond Products to Keep Your Pond In Great Shape

Aqua Prazi
Blue Lagoon Pond Dye
Chlorine/Heavy Metal Neutralizer
Dry Ammonia Remover
Koi Fish Care
Loch Ness Dye
Microbe Lift CMC Clay
pH Down Liquid
pH Up Liquid
Stress Coat

Dechlorinator and Pond Bacteria
Products to add when carrying out water changes or anytime water is added to remove harmful chemicals.
Microbe Lift PBL
Pond Keeper Pro Liquid Beneficial Bacteria
Pond Keeper Liquid
Pond Keeper Pro Nitrifying Bacteria
Pond Keeper Premium Activated Carbon
Pond Keeper All In One Water Conditioner
Pond Keeper Dissolvable Packets
Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus
Ammo Lock
Nite Out
Chlorine Heavy Metal Neutralizer
Pond Keeper Dissolvable Blocks
Pond Keeper pH Decrease
Pond Keeper pH Increase
pH Down Liquid
Pond Keeper Hybrid Pond Bacteria
Jump Start

Algae Products
Algae Products To Keep Your Pond Algae Free
10 Watt PondMaster UV Clarifier
Algae Fix
Biological Clarifier
Clarity Max
Microbial Algae Clean
Microbe Lift Mosquito Control
Microbe Lift Sludge Away
Microbe Lift PL
Minn Finn
Simply Clear
UV Clarifier

Aquatic Herbicides
Aquatic Weed Control Chart
Green Clean FX Liquid Algaecide
Green Clean Granular Algaecide
Green Clean Pro
Red Wing

Fish Pond Water Testing Supplies
Water Testing Supplies so you can keep your Pond in Optimal Condition. Always knowing where your Pond Levels are is the first step in keeping your Koi Healthy.

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Koi Food
Holistic Koi Food, High Growth and High Energy Koi Food, Medicated Koi Food

Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish Food
Crystal Clear Koi Food
Debride RX Medicated Fish Food
Holistic Choice Koi Food
Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food
Microbe Lift Cold Weather Fish Food
Microbe Lift Legacy High Growth and Energy Food

Pond Fish For Sale

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Fish For Ponds
The Koi Pond Guide has Butterfly Koi, Premium Select Koi, Standard Koi for sale along with Goldfish.
Butterfly Koi Sales
Butterfly Koi Fish

Butterfly Koi Fish, Where Did They Come From

Koi Sales
Koi Select Sales

Koi and Fish Medicine

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Aqua Prazi
Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment
Debride ProHealth
Debride RX Medicated Koi Food
Lice and Anchor Worm Treatment
Microbe-Lift Parazoryne™
Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun Concentrate
Pond Salt
Stress Coat

Koi Care

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Koi Health and Wellness Center
All things Health Related for Your Koi.
Koi Health Ailments, Care for your Koi, Koi Treatment
Koi Health Ailments and Treatment for your Koi
Fish Pond Care
6 Signs That Point To A Specific Disease
Koi Diseases
8 typical stress behaviors and indications to watch for.
Fish Anatomy
All you need to know about Fish Anatomy.
Feeding Koi
Feeding Koi can be a bonding experience between your Koi and You.
Koi Pond Interview With The Pond Doc
This is an interview that should not be missed. Many helpful tips on keeping Koi. Great Interview
Fish Parasites
A listing of Fish Parasites along with Bacterial Diseases and Viral Diseases.
Fish Fungus
There are approximately 50,000 species of fungus. Fungal infections can progress swiftly, eventually encasing the entire fish.
Bacterial Diseases Swim Bladder
Friendly Koi Vets
Quarantine Tank
Breeding Koi and Spawning Koi

Koi & Fish Diseases

Anchor Worm
Argulus (Fish Lice)
Carp Pox
Chilodonella Cyprini
Koi Herpes Virus
Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis (Ich)
Mycobacteria (Fish Tuberculosis)
Pseudomonas Aeromonas Bacteria
Spring Viraemia Carp

Pond stocking
Pond Stocking to avoid casualties. Do you Know When To Add Your Pond Fish?

Pond Books
Books about Building and Maintaing Fish Ponds, Growing and Keeping Water Garden Plants and Koi Care.

Pond Chemicals
Pond Chemicals Will Help Control Algae in Your Pond.

Rainwater Collection
Step by Step Instruction with Video Building a Rainwater Collection System

The Varieties of Koi

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Koi Variety
Koi Varieties the Different Varieties of Koi and Their Colors
Fish For Ponds
Asagi Koi
Bekko Koi
Carp diem
Grass Carp
Japanese Koi Fish
Kohaku Fish
Showa Sanke Koi
Taisho Sanke
Utsuri Koi

Goldfish Types
Celestial Eye Goldfish
Fancy Goldfish

Plants for Your Pond

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Azolla Plant
Care of Lotus flower
Duckweed Plant
Filamentous Algae
Hornwort and Duckweed Plant
Parrot Feather Plant
Planktonic Algae
Toxic Plants
Water Garden Expert Interview
Water Hyacinth
Water Lettuce
Water Lilly
Water Primrose

Pond Care

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Ammonia in Ponds
pH Scale
Spring maintenance is your pond ready?
Understanding Water Quality
Winter Pond Care for your Pond and Pond Wildlife
Pond Algae Control
Helpful ways to Control Algae In Your Koi Pond. Types of Algae and Free PDF Downloads on Algae
Water Quality
Water quality is important to the health of your fish. Your Objective Should Not Be for the Water to be so Clean and Clear That It Is Sterile.

Misc. Koi

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Koi club and pond clubs
Koi Course
Nishikigoi Terms
EBook All About Koi
All About Koi EBook. From Setting Up Your First Pond to Keeping Your Koi Healthy.
Koi Fish meaning
Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck.

Pictures, Gallery, and Art

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Butterfly Koi Fish Pictures
Koi Gallery

Misc. Pond Building

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Conversion Tables
Hardiness Zones

Contact Pages

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Contact Us

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Privacy Policy for Koi Pond Guide
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Secure Shopping

Fish Buying Details
Koi and Goldfish Buying Details and Process

Shipping Details
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Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Return & Warranty Policy
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