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Shallow Pond Aerator SP10

Pondmaster Air Pump

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For ponds up to 25 ft in diameter or 8,600 gallons.

Aqua Control's Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration systems are energy efficient and inexpensive to purchase. Designed to aerate, oxygenate and degas water bodies as small as ornamental backyard ponds or ponds up to two surface acres. These pumps operate best in water bodies less than 6 ft deep.

Package Includes:

Compressor, 25 ft of 3/8 inch Anchorline self weighted air supply tubing and one stainless steel diffuser assembly.

Shallow Pond Aerator SP10

~Price $530.99

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Included stainless steel diffuser base designed to land upright when placed into pond and the large area of the base resists sinking into the pond bottom
  • Increases oxygen levels in pond which reduces fish stress
  • Increases the breakdown of fish waste by providing the habitat for beneficial pond bacteria to flourish
  • When operated continuously in freezing climates, these pumps will keep open areas in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape and sunlight to enter
  • These pumps degas a pond by lifting harmful gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide to the surface which is then replaced with oxygen
  • Promotes a healthy ecosystem and larger fish by eliminating oxygen highs and lows, and creates equal water temperatures from top to bottom
  • Compressors are silent, oil free and do not require a protective cover
  • Compressor is housed in a heavy, cast aluminum rainproof enclosure
  • Compressors pump high volumes of air at low pressure
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • UL listed and CE approved for outdoor operation
  • 3 - year manufacturer's warranty (not including diaphragm or filter)
  • Pumps 4,500 gph at 6 ft deep
  • 0.8 Amps
  • 38 Watts
  • Supports up to 125 lbs of fish

Shallow Pond Aerator SP10

~Price $530.99

You are here: Home > Pond Shop > Aeration Pumps > Shallow Pond Aerator SP10

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