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pH Down slowly adjusts the pH of pond water by making it more acidic. pH Down will not harm pond plants. This product is phosphate-free and will not promote algae growth. 16oz. Bottle

Purpose and Benefits:

pH is the measure of the acidity in pond water. A pH reading of 7.0 is neutral, a pH higher than 7.0 is alkaline, and lower than 7.0 is acidic. Acid rain, mineral leaching, soil runoff and decomposing plant and fish waste can alter the pH and cause unacceptable levels. Some sources of tap water used to fill ponds can also cause extreme pH levels. A pH below 6.8 or above 8.0 should be avoided. A pH level of 7.0 to 7.5 is ideal. pH levels of less than 6.8 can stress pond fish and suppress the activity of the biological filter. A high pH of more than 8.0 will limit the ability of many plants to absorb necessary nutrients. Pond Care pH Down will decrease the pH in garden ponds by neutralizing excess alkalinity (carbonate hardness). This product can be used daily to adjust pH until conditions stabilize. pH Down contains no algae-promoting phosphates. It is important to accurately measure the level of pH in a pond before initiating adjustments. Use a PondCare pH Test Kit to measure your pH weekly. pH should be either raised or lowered by no more than 0.5 units every 24 hours. Do not treat pond water more than once every 24 hours. Plants and algae cause a temporary increase in pH in the afternoon. Therefore, pH should be tested in the early morning to obtain the most accurate reading.

Directions for Use:
  1. Test the pH of the pond water with a PondCare Liquid Wide Range pH Test Kit.
  2. Add 1 teaspoonful (5 ml/ 5 cc) of pH Down for every 50 U.S. gallons (189 L) of pond water.
  3. Wait 24 hours, then test pH. Repeat treatment as necessary.
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pH Down Liquid

~Price $16.99 16 oz. bottle will treat 4,800 gallons

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pH Down Liquid

~Price $16.99 16 oz. bottle will treat 4,800 gallons

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