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The highly-specialized microbial consortium of nitrifying cultures of Microbe-Lift Nite Out II are specifically formulated to eliminate ammonia via a natural process termed nitrification. The cultures contained will establish, promote, or stabilize and maintain nitrification in pond waters, eliminating the toxic effect of ammonia. Microbe Lift Nite Out II liquid nitrifying bacteria contains select strains of Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter. Nitrsomonas convert ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter and Nitrospira convert nitrite to nitrate.

  • * Initiates nitrification
  • * Promotes stable nitrification
  • * Provide stable cold weather nitrifiaction
  • * Safe for plants and animals

Note: This product cannot be shipped to Canada


~Price $28.99 32 oz


~Price $78.00 1 Gallon

When to use

Use MICROBE-LIFT®/Nite-Out II to quickly establish the necessary nitrifying cultures and the ammonia removal process in your pond. Just add MICROBE-LIFT®/Nite-Out II and these cultures will grow and convert the toxic ammonia to nitrite, then to nitrate. MICROBE-LIFT®/Nite-Out II also contains Nitrosomonas, which convert ammonia to nitrite, and Nitrobacter, which convert nitrite to nitrate. In addition, you should know the term Carbonate Alkalinity because the biological nitrification process that removes toxic ammonia from your pond in order for it to cycle properly requires a source of inorganic carbon. It takes 7.1 pounds of carbonate alkalinity for every pound of ammonia removed from your pond water. If carbonate alkalinity is not available in pond water, it’s just like your car running out of gas! The nitrification process will stop, or may not even get started. To ensure toxic ammonia is removed by the necessary nitrifying bacteria, you must test your pond water for adequate carbonate alkalinity until there is a minimum of 50 ppm. Then add MIC ROBE-LI FT®/Nite-Out II to ensure rapid and complete ammonia removal by the nitrifying microbes.

Application Rates
Size of Pond
(in gallons)
1st Application
Next 4 Weeks
(once weekly)
(once monthly)
80-500 1 oz .5 oz 1 oz
501-2500 5 oz 2.5 oz 5 oz
2501-5000 10 oz 5 oz 10 oz

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