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Nishikigoi Terms

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This Glossary is Koi, Plant and all things relating to the Pond.

Pronunciation Guide:

A - pronounced ah, as in paw or draw EI - pronounced aye, as in bay, play
E - pronounced eh, as in spend or friend OI - pronounced oye, as in toy, boy
I - pronounced ee, as in bee, he, tree OA - pronounced oh ah, as in boa
O- pronounced oh, as in tow, oak OO - pronounced oo, as in who, boo
U - pronounced uu, as in moo, who UI - pronounced wee, as in tree, bee
R - sometimes pronounced like the letter "d" JI - pronounced gee, as in bungi
AI - pronounced eye, as in pie, fly JY - pronounced jah, as in draw, jaw
AO - pronounced ah oh RYU - pronounced droo, as in Andrew

Urushi Zumi (oo roo she zoo' mee) Best Sumi. Expression of highest quality Sumi. Urushi Zumi is Sumi that is shiny and has the depth of black lacquer. Oppisite terms would be Nabe Zumi, Susu Zumi and Funa Zumi.
Ushirogiwa (oo she' row gee' wah)The back edge.
Utsuri (ooth' sue ree) Black Koi with patches of one other color; Shiro Utsuri is black and white, Hi Utsuri is black and red, Ki Utsuri is black and yellow.
Utsurimono (oot SOO ree MOH noh) Formal name for Utsuri.

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