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Nishikigoi Terms

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This Glossary is Koi, Plant and all things relating to the Pond.

Pronunciation Guide:

A - pronounced ah, as in paw or draw EI - pronounced aye, as in bay, play
E - pronounced eh, as in spend or friend OI - pronounced oye, as in toy, boy
I - pronounced ee, as in bee, he, tree OA - pronounced oh ah, as in boa
O- pronounced oh, as in tow, oak OO - pronounced oo, as in who, boo
U - pronounced uu, as in moo, who UI - pronounced wee, as in tree, bee
R - sometimes pronounced like the letter "d" JI - pronounced gee, as in bungi
AI - pronounced eye, as in pie, fly JY - pronounced jah, as in draw, jaw
AO - pronounced ah oh RYU - pronounced droo, as in Andrew

Pancreas A gland of the endrocrine system that lies in the coelomic cavity. Scattered throughout its tissue are differentiated masses of cells that are islets of Langerhans. The pancrease produces both exocrins (digestive juices) and endocrins (insulin and glucagon)
Parasite An organism that lives at the expense of, or in, or on another organism (the host) and which depends on the host for its metabolism
Parts per Notation Various measures used with a number to indicate the concentration of one substance to another and often used when expressing the addition of a chemical to the pond. They are parts per: hundred (pph), thousand (ppt) and million (ppm). The relationship of the various "parts per" measure: 0.01 = 1 per 100 = 1 % = 1 pph (or 1 drop per 5 ml) = 10 ppt (or 10 mg/ml) = 10,000 ppm (or 10,000 mg/l)
Pathogen Disease causing organism (parasite, bacterium or virus.
Pathogenic Producing disease or pathological changes. See also: antigen, bacterium, infection, inflammation.
Pathological Condition A deviation from a normal condition associated with disease.
Pearl Ginrin A solid sparkling area on each scale, also know as Tsuba-gin or Tama-gin.
Pearl shusui A Shusui with silver scales.
Penducle (pehn DOOK leh) Area just before the tail.
Periphyton are attached to aquatic vegetation or other structures.
Peritoneum Membrane that lines the walls of the abdominal cavity and folds inward to enclose the visera.
Phenotype Physical appearance or makeup of an organism.
Phylogency Evolutionary development (the history) of species.
Phytoplankton (also known as planktonic algae) float freely in the water.
Platinumkoi fish pictures Metallic white Koi.
Platinum KohakuMetallic Kohaku also called Sakura Ogon identified as Hariwake variety.
Platinum Ogon A metallic white koi, also known as Purachina.
Pollution The introduction of substances, by direct or indirect human activity, into the environment resulting in toxic effects on living organisms.
Pongoi Good grade koi
Pooky (Poo kee) A fun name for a nishikigoi.
Polymerase Chain Reaction Abbrev:pcr. Method for multiplying small amounts of DNA in quantities sufficient for the determination of identifying DNA sequences. Used as a diagnostic lab test for Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3); commonly known as koi herpesvirus or KHV.
Polytunnel Solid plastic structure used to house, for example, a Koi pond.
Potassium is an important mineral and a nutrient necessary for plant growth. Natural sources of potassium are numerous in aquatic environments. Potassium is essential to plant and animal nutrition.
Protozoa These are microscopic, single-cell animals. They can be found on the gills, body surface or imbedded in the flesh. There are many different protozoans, and they cause a variety of fish diseases.
Protein One class of complex nitrogenous compounds occuring naturally and that provide amino acids essential to the growth and repair of tissue.
Purachina Refers to a platinum or very white metallic Koi. Also known as Platinum Ogon.
Pus Liquid product of inflammation and composed of albuminous substances, a thin fluid and leucocytes.

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