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Nishikigoi Terms

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This Glossary is Koi, Plant and all things relating to the Pond.

Pronunciation Guide:

A - pronounced ah, as in paw or draw EI - pronounced aye, as in bay, play
E - pronounced eh, as in spend or friend OI - pronounced oye, as in toy, boy
I - pronounced ee, as in bee, he, tree OA - pronounced oh ah, as in boa
O- pronounced oh, as in tow, oak OO - pronounced oo, as in who, boo
U - pronounced uu, as in moo, who UI - pronounced wee, as in tree, bee
R - sometimes pronounced like the letter "d" JI - pronounced gee, as in bungi
AI - pronounced eye, as in pie, fly JY - pronounced jah, as in draw, jaw
AO - pronounced ah oh RYU - pronounced droo, as in Andrew

Ichi bu (EE chee boo) Size 1
Ichimai Sashi (ee' chee maht sue)Sashi where the blurring extends a single scale.
Ichimatu (ee chee maht sue)Checker-board. A design that alternates from the right side to the left side.
Ichimatsu pattern (ee' chee maht sue)Checkered pattern.
Ikeage (ee keh ah gay)Harvest. Nishikigoi are raised in farms. Ikeage is the event of harvesting Koi from the ponds.
Immune Response Reaction of the body to eliminate foreign antigens and prevent damage.
Inazuma (een a zoo' ma)Inazuma means "lightning". Term used to describe the shape of a Hi plate. The pattern runs zigzag like lightning over the body. An Inazuma pattern is highly valued because it alternately reveals the Shiroji.
Infection Invasion and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria or virus) in tissues. Localized infection is normally accompanied by inflammation, but there can be inflammation when there is no infection present.
Infestation Invasion of tissue by animal parasites (protozoa, helminths and anthropods).
Inflammation Non-specific immune response that occurs as a result of any type of bodily injury. In koi, the reaction of the tissues to injury characterized clinically by swelling and redness. Pathologically, by vasodilatation, hyperemia, accumulation of leucocytes, exudation of fluid and deposition of fibrin.
Inorganic Chemical compounds not containing carbon. As apposed to organic.
Insulin Polypeptide hormone produced by the β cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, which decreases the amount of glucose in the blood by stimulating its uptake by cells. See also: B cell.
Intracoelomic Within the body cavity.
Intramuscular Within a muscle.
Ionized The dissociation of compounds (acids, bases and salts) into their constituent ions, e.g.the ionized (NH4-) form of ammonia, which is less toxic to koi than the unionized form.
Ippin (ee pihn')One of a kind. Every Nishikigoi is different and beautiful. Especially beautiful Nishikigoi are called Ippin. Ippin carries the meaning of a unique beauty or attractiveness that only that Nishikigoi can have. Another term would be Meiri.
Ippon One step pattern.
Ipponhi (ee pohn' hee)Unbroken Red. Continous Hi pattern with no break from head to tail. The Hi pattern lacks any Kirekomi or cut-in of the Shiroji from the belly. It is a boring pattern. If the Koi has excellent quality, an Ipponhi pattern may be worthy of our appreciation. Inazuma is one form of Ipponhi.
Iro (EE row) Japanese term for Color.
Iroagari (EE row ah GAH ree) The degree of color intensity.
Iroage (ee' row ah gay)Color enhancement. Because Nishikigoi can not create the red pigments within their bodies, it is necessary to feed foods with carotene to maintain the red coloration in Koi that have Hi plates. You can say "The Koi needs Iroage" and it would mean that the Koi needs to in crease its color or that it should be fed color-enhancing food.
Irogoi (ee' row go ee)Color enhancement. Because Nishikigoi can not create the red pigments within their bodies, it is necessary to feed foods with carotene to maintain the red coloration in Koi that have Hi plates. You can say "The Koi needs Iroage" and it would mean that the Koi needs to in crease its color or that it should be fed color-enhancing food.
Iromono (EE row MOH noh) The collective name for all metallic koi.

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A really outstanding Kohaku is rarely seen because most will fall short on one point of detail.
Kohaku is The very cult of the Japanese Koi Fish and is derived from the Japanese love of the Kohaku Variety.
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