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Nishikigoi Terms

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This Glossary is Koi, Plant and all things relating to the Pond.

Pronunciation Guide:

A - pronounced ah, as in paw or draw EI - pronounced aye, as in bay, play
E - pronounced eh, as in spend or friend OI - pronounced oye, as in toy, boy
I - pronounced ee, as in bee, he, tree OA - pronounced oh ah, as in boa
O- pronounced oh, as in tow, oak OO - pronounced oo, as in who, boo
U - pronounced uu, as in moo, who UI - pronounced wee, as in tree, bee
R - sometimes pronounced like the letter "d" JI - pronounced gee, as in bungi
AI - pronounced eye, as in pie, fly JY - pronounced jah, as in draw, jaw
AO - pronounced ah oh RYU - pronounced droo, as in Andrew

Gall Bladder Small sac, usually yellowy / greenish in color, used for storing bile after it has been produced by the liver. The bile is then released when food (especially fatty acids) enters the duodenum and assists in the breakdown of the food. With some systemic diseases the gall bladder becomes pale in color and sometimes also distended. The gall bladder is usually located in the region of the heart and liver.
Gaku Hi (GAH koo hee) Red (Hi) on upper part of face (forehead).
Gas Bubble Disease Caused when supersaturated gases in the water, escape from the water into the body fluids of the fish. Gasses in supersaturated water will try escape out of the water into any medium where the gas saturation level is lower (e.g. into the air, or in the case of gas bubble disease, into the blood and other fluids of the fish). Most commonly seen in the yolk sacs, gills and eyes (and occasionally the fins) as these are the areas of the body which have the most gas permeable membranes. The gas then causes bubbles to form inside capillaries and under the skin, restricting the blood flow and forming haemorrhages and clots. Fish often show signs of swimming upside down or vertically, sometimes looking as if they are gasping for air at the surface. The condition affects small fish more, as the membranes that the gas has to permeate through are thinner. Large fish can be affected, but only at higher supersaturation levels.
Gas Off When water is agitated so that it is being circulated and repeatedly exposed to the air. It allows many pollutants to be reeled in the air in a gaseous form.
Gene Unit of heredity consisting of segments of DNA.
GH A term expressing general water hardness.
Giku (GEE koo) Relates to the awkward swimming mode of a koi with a deformed body.
Gill Filament A paired series of filaments that branch off of each gill arch. Each filament contain numerous lamellae and are often referred to as 'primary lamella'.
Gill Lamellae(Sing: Lamella) Each gill filament has many lamellae brancing off and is where blood/water exchange occurs. When filaments are referred to as primary lamellae, these are generally called 'secondary lamella.
Gill Rakers The bony, comb like structures which prevent large objects from entering and damaging the gills.
Gill Rot Fungal infection of the gills, sometimes also called Branchiomycosis. Caused by the fungus Branchiamyces sp.
Gin (geen)Color of silver, metallic.
Gin Bekko (GEEN BEH koo)Basically a metallic Shiro Bekko (white koi with black markings).
Ginbo (GEEN bow)A black Koi with a silver metallic sheen. Now considered worthless.
Ginga (GEEN gah)Metallic Koi with black and white markings. A cross breed of a Hajiro Kawarimono with a Platinum Ogon.
Gin Kabuto (GEEN kah BOO tow)A black Koi whose scales have silver edges.
Gin Matsuba (GEEN maht ZOO bah)A metallic silver koi with a black 'pine cone' (matsuba) pattern in the scales.
Gin Me (geen meh)Silver eyes. White rimmed eyes seen in Kohaku. If the Koi has black eyes (Kuro Me), it is likely to be a Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) or Showa.
Ginrin and Kinrin (geen' reen and keen' reen)Gin means "silver," Kin means "gold," and Rin means "scales." Scales glitter in silver on Shiroji and gold on Hi plates. While the origin is the same for both, depending on where the shine occurs, it looks different. Caused by metallic deposits in the scales. A very strong genetic trait that is even seen in wild fish. Kin Ginrin (the proper term) is most often described merely as Ginrin.
Gin Shiro (geen she' row)A Shiro Utsuri (black and white koi) where scales have a silvery lustre.
Gin Showa (GEEN SHOW wah)A Showa (black, red and white koi) where white is replaced with silvery Gin Rin scales.
Ginsui (GEEN swee)A metallic Shusui with a silver lustre.
Gland Organ or structure made up of an aggregation of cells that manufacture a secretion discharged to and used by some other part of the body. Glands can be: by structure -- simple or complex; by secretion -- mucous, serous or mixed; by ducts -- exocrine or endocrine; by shape -- tubular, saccular; by lumen -- alveolar, acinar; and by formation of secretions -- merocrine, apocrine, holicrine.
Glycocalyx Slimy mucous layer of mucoplysaccharide, glycoproteins and sloughed epidermal cells. It contains enzymes (lysozymes) and antibodies (immunoglobulins) which can kill invading organisms. So it is both a mechanical and chemical barrier and is the koi's first line of defense against pathogens.
Ginbo An all-black koi with a silver metallic sheen.
Ginsui A Shusui with a silver lustre.
Go bu (goh boo) Size 5
Godan A pattern with five steps.
Godan Kohaku (GOH dahn koh HAH koo) A red and white koi where the hi (red) is arranged in a five steps.
Goi (goy) Japanese term for fish.
Goke Japanese term Fish scale.
Goma Scattered sumi.
Goma Zumi (go' mah zoo' mee)Sesame Sumi. Goma means sesame seed. Goma Zumi refers to small Sumi that are scattered over the body like sesame seeds are scattered over food.
Gosai (go' sigh)5 year old Koi.
Gosanke (go' sahn keh)koi fish pictures Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) and Showa. There are more than 80 varieties of Nishikigoi. Among them, Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) and Showa are considered especially important varieties. These three varieties are collectively referred to as Gosanke.
Goshiki (go' she key)koi fish pictures Literally means 5 colors, Kohaku with blue net pattern on Shiroji and Hi, some Goshiki only have net on the Shiroji, reds and blues overlap into purples particularly on the head, non-metallic and thus different from Kujyaku.
Goshiki Shusui (goh SHEE kee SHOO swee) A scaleless (doitsu), blue Goshiki which is a non metallic blue Goshiki.
Gotensakura A Kohaku with much red patches
Gotenzakura (goh tehn ZAH koo rah) Cherry pattern.
Gotenzakura Kohaku (go tehn ZAH koo rah koh HAH koo) A cherry blossom patterned Kohaku with many hi patches.

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A really outstanding Kohaku is rarely seen because most will fall short on one point of detail.
Kohaku is The very cult of the Japanese Koi Fish and is derived from the Japanese love of the Kohaku Variety.
Pond stocking NPS (New Pond Syndrome).
Pond Stocking To Avoid Casualties. Stocking Your Fish Ponds is the Most Important Part of Fish and Pond Keeping.
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Argulus (Fish Lice) adhere to the flesh by means of sucker-type discs.
Argulus (Fish Lice) Despite their name fish lice are not true lice, but rather a type of crustacean.
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Aqua Ultraviolet Replacement Parts
Aqua Ultraviolet Replacement Parts
Pond Pump
Pond Pump
Dechlorinator and Pond Bacteria needs to be used to remove the chemicals the water department has added.
Dechlorinator and Pond Bacteria The ideal place to add dechlorinators is to your Waterfall, because good and rapid mixing will occur there.
Pond Keeper Premium Activated Carbon is a blend of two forms of specially processed bituminous carbon with millions of macro and micropore structures in one package.
Pond Keeper Premium Activated Carbon is fast acting.
Pseudomonas Aeromonas Bacteria, are the most common bacteria present in your pond.
Do I have a female or male Koi? This article will help you determine if you have a feamle or male Koi.
Sexing Koi can be full of surprises. Having given birth to a new generation, they would as willingly eat the baby Koi as see it grow up.
Aeration Pumps for your Koi Pond or Water Garden.
Aeration Pumps Pondmaster Air Pumps. The most important part of koi pond care is your water quality.
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