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Nishikigoi Terms

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Pronunciation Guide:

A - pronounced ah, as in paw or draw EI - pronounced aye, as in bay, play
E - pronounced eh, as in spend or friend OI - pronounced oye, as in toy, boy
I - pronounced ee, as in bee, he, tree OA - pronounced oh ah, as in boa
O- pronounced oh, as in tow, oak OO - pronounced oo, as in who, boo
U - pronounced uu, as in moo, who UI - pronounced wee, as in tree, bee
R - sometimes pronounced like the letter "d" JI - pronounced gee, as in bungi
AI - pronounced eye, as in pie, fly JY - pronounced jah, as in draw, jaw
AO - pronounced ah oh RYU - pronounced droo, as in Andrew

Word (Pronunciation)Meaning
Dagoi (DAH goy) Poor quality Koi.
Dainichi (dye NEE chee) One of the most famous Go-Sanke lineages. Dainichi Koi Farm still operates in Niigata.
Daiya Ginrin (dye' yah geen' reen)Diamond glitter. Daiya means "diamond." Ginrin that shines so strongly when viewed from any angle that it was named after diamonds. Also called Hiroshima Ginrin. Kamidera Koi Farm in Hiroshima developed Daiya Ginrin from Niigata Ginrin. Most Ginrin is now Daiya Ginrin.
Dangara (dahn GAH rah) A stepped pattern on the body of a koi, also known as Danmoyo.
Danmoyo (dahn' moy oh ) Stepped pattern. Independent Hi plates that form steps that are counted as "first step", "second step", "third step", etc. The count starts from the head and proceeds towards the tail.
Date (dah' t eh ) Pattern. Also called Katatsuki. Pattern is only one component of Nishikigoi beauty. Conformation and Quality are even more important.
Deamination When a protein is catabolized, some amino groups (NH2) in the amino acids are removed, forming ammonia.
Debride Surgically excise dead, devitalized tissue and removal of foreign matter from a wound.
Dechlorination The removal of chlorine from water. Chlorine is often added to the water by domestic water suppliers and also by industries who use river or seawater for cooling, where the chlorine is added to reduce fouling in the pipes. Chlorine removal is commonly achieved through three methods, air stripping, addition of sodium thiosulphate and by filtering through activated carbon beds. Air stripping involves using vigorous bubble diffusion or aerated packed columns where the chlorine dissipates into the air. The process is slow, especially when the chlorine concentrations are low at the start and efforts are being made to reduce them further. Sodium thiosulphate can be added to the water and will require 7mg/l of sodium thiosulphate for every 1 mg/l of chlorine. Sodium thiosulphate will also however, remove oxygen from the water and so should be used with care and a reliable control system. Activated carbon is also used, but it's high costs generally limit it to small hatcheries and research systems. Activated carbon has the benefit that it will also remove other chemicals added to municipal water supplies such as fluorine. Note that the chemical chloramine, used for treatment of fish behaves differently to chlorine, and cannot be removed by carbon.
Denitrification Process by which denitrifying bacteria convert nitrate (NO3) into the gaseous form of nitrogen (N2).
Detritus Decomposing organic matter in a pond or filter.
Dia (DIE-YA) Japanese term for 'diamond'.
Diamond Ginrin A type of Kinginrin where the scales are said to 'sparkle like diamonds'.
Diffuse To be scattered widely throughout a tissue or substance vs localized or focal. As apposed to focal.
Diphyllobothrium sp. Tapeworm. Parasite of the gut. Able to pass from prey to predator and re-encyst in the predator. Therefore large predatory fish are usually the most heavily infected. Some links with bacterial kidney disease have been made but remain largely unproven. May infect man if fish is eaten without cooking or freezing. Species include D.latum (esp. North America and Great Lakes system), D.dendriticum (primarily in European Salmonids), D.dallie and D.pacificum (both marine species).
Disease A pathological condition that presents a group of clinical signs and symptoms that set the condition apart as abnormal and different from other normal or pathological body conditions.
Diurnal rhythm Term used to describe a regular cycling of a factor throughout the day. For example, dissolved oxygen concentrations of natural waters fluctuate through the day as a result of photosynthesis. This rhythm exhibits a gradual rise in dissolved oxygen concentrations through the day and a gradual fall through the night.
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid; found in a cells nucleus and is the basic structure of genes.
Doh (dough)Trunk.
Doh Hi (doh hee)Hi on the body.
DohmakiWhen a koi's pattern extends below the lateral line.
Doh Zumi (dough' zoo me) Trunk Sumi. It often indicates large Sumi that wraps down past the lateral line of Showa.
Doitsu (doyt' zoo) koi fish pictures German Koi that are not fully scaled, usually with a row of scales along each lateral line and a row on either side of the dorsal fin.
Doitsu Kujaku (DOYT zoo koo JAH koo)A metallic Koi with red markings over its body and black markings in the scales along the dorsal and lateral lines only.
Doitsu Yamato Nishiki or Heisei Nishiki(doyt' zoo ya' ma toe knee' she key or hay say knee' she key)A scaleless metallic Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke).
Doitsu Yotsushiro (doyt' zoo yoh-t' sue she row) Origin of Kumonryu; Yotsu means 4, Shiro means white - Koi with four white parts: the nose, tail and both pectoral fins.
Do Zumi (doh ZOO mee)Sumi on the body.
Doka Zumi (dough' kah zoo' me) koi fish pictures Large Sumi. Also called Oh Zumi.
Doroike (dough' row ee keh)Mud pond. Pond dug into the mud used to grow Nishikigoi. The mud has abundant natural minerals due to the snow melt that refills the ponds every spring. Because of the large area of the pond, Nishikigoi can exercise more. Hobbyists release Koi to a mud pond to promote health and increase growth from spring to autumn. Koi are rarely kept in mud ponds over the winter because they cannot be fed under the ice, and the Koi will continue to grow much faster in concrete tanks in the breeder's greenhouses.
Doware (dohn WAH reh)Large white area of a pattern.
Doy Hi (dough' he)Hi on the body.
Duck Narrow tubular vessel or channel that conveys secretions from a gland.
Duodenum The first section of the small intestine.

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A really outstanding Kohaku is rarely seen because most will fall short on one point of detail.
Kohaku is The very cult of the Japanese Koi Fish and is derived from the Japanese love of the Kohaku Variety.
Pond stocking NPS (New Pond Syndrome).
Pond Stocking To Avoid Casualties. Stocking Your Fish Ponds is the Most Important Part of Fish and Pond Keeping.
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Argulus (Fish Lice) adhere to the flesh by means of sucker-type discs.
Argulus (Fish Lice) Despite their name fish lice are not true lice, but rather a type of crustacean.
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Pond Pump
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Dechlorinator and Pond Bacteria needs to be used to remove the chemicals the water department has added.
Dechlorinator and Pond Bacteria The ideal place to add dechlorinators is to your Waterfall, because good and rapid mixing will occur there.
Pond Keeper Premium Activated Carbon is a blend of two forms of specially processed bituminous carbon with millions of macro and micropore structures in one package.
Pond Keeper Premium Activated Carbon is fast acting.
Pseudomonas Aeromonas Bacteria, are the most common bacteria present in your pond.
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Sexing Koi can be full of surprises. Having given birth to a new generation, they would as willingly eat the baby Koi as see it grow up.
Aeration Pumps for your Koi Pond or Water Garden.
Aeration Pumps Pondmaster Air Pumps. The most important part of koi pond care is your water quality.
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