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Microbial Algae Clean

Microbial Algae Clean™ is the first bacterial algaecide registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This product contains patented bacteria to control green water algae in ponds with live fish and plants. The bacteria help establish and maintain a clean pond, free of algae. They also help improve dissolved oxygen levels and reduce noxious odors from the pond.

  • # Biological inhibitor of green water algae.
  • # Promotes a cleaner pond environment.
  • # Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris.
  • # Will not harm live plants or fish.

Directions for use: Shake Well. Add to the pond, one teaspoon (5ml) for each 50 gallons or 1/4 cup (60ml) for each 600 gallons twice a week for the first 2 weeks, then add once a week to maintain control of green water algae.

EPA Registration # 8709-10

This product can not ship to California or Canada

Microbial Algae Clean 64 oz

~Price $48.99 64oz Treats 19,200 gallons

Microbial Algae Clean 1 Gallon

~Price $72.99 1 Gallon Treats 38,400 gallons

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You are here: Home > Pond Shop > Algae Products > Microbial Algae Clean

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