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Microbe Lift Autumn Winter

Autumn/Winter Prep is specially Formulated for Pond Winterization

Microbe Lift Autumn/Winter Prep is a 2-part program engineered to provide you with the an effective method of winter pond maintenance.

Microbe Lift Autumn Winter 32oz

~Price $29.00 32 oz

  • Will continue to provide sustained biological activity even in water temperature under 55° F.
  • Helps to jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune system for your fish during the winter months.
  • Reduces buildup of dead leaves and organic sediment all winter long.
  • If frozen, the bacteria will remain effective after thawing out.
  • Effective in darker conditions (under ice and snow).
  • Safe for fish and plants.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Quart size contains 32oz liquid and 2 water soluble enzyme packets, Gallon contains 128oz liquid and 8 water soluble enzyme packets.

For the Algae Control & Water Clarity Product Comparison Chart Click Here.

For best results, use 4 applications, one month apart. Start your winter maintenance program in early fall. This will give the bacteria and cellulase enzyme sufficient time to acclimate themselves before the winter freeze.

After completing the Autumn/Winter Prep, you can resume use of Microbe Lift PL.

Microbe Lift Autumn/Winter

~Price $96.00 1 Gallon

Basic Application Rates

Size of Pond (in gallons) 1st Application dosage amount Next 3 Weeks Once per week dosage amount Maintenance Once per month dosage amount
80-200 4 oz. 2 oz. 2 oz.
201-500 6 oz. 3 oz. 3 oz.
501-1,000 8 oz. 4 oz. 4 oz.
1,001-2,500 12 oz. 6 oz. 6 oz.

This product has a three-year shelf life. Any product remaining after your winter maintenance may again be used next season. This product is compatible with all other Microbe-Lift products.

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