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Lotus Variety

Alba Grandiflora White Lotus picture

Nelumbo Alba Grandiflora White


  1. Double flowers are pure white with blue green wavy edged leaves.
  2. Very fragrant flowers.
  3. Flower grows to about 10" across.
  4. Leaves grow to about 22" across.
  5. Plant grows 4-6 feet tall.
  6. Depth: 11-23" below water level.

Nelumbo nucifera Alba Striata
This large variety has single white flowers that appear to have been painted by hand, with varying shades of pink and red along the edges of the petals.

Baby doll Lotus picture

Nelumbo Baby Doll
Single white flowers sit on a dwarf plant. This variety is ideally suited to small garden ponds or container gardens.

Nelumbo Charles Thomas
Flower/Foliage Description: This is a Single with Lavender and Pink flowers that are wonderfully fragrant. It is a Dwarf to small plant size, a 3-4' height.
It should be planted in a medium container.

Nelumbo Chawan Basu
Bright-pink edges fade to pure white on delicate single blossoms. This medium-sized lotus plant is suitable for large containers or medium ponds.

Nelumbo Lutea
This single flowering species with delicate yellow flowers is native to North America. It can be finicky for the beginner to grow.

Nelumbo Momo Botan
One of the longest blooming hybrids, Momo Botan has double pink blooms that generally persist until heavy frost.

Nelumbo Mrs. Perry D. Slocum
A true changeable; double flowers emerge a brilliant pink. By the second day, they are a delicate mix of pink and yellow. On the third day, flowers are primarily yellow. It is quite common to have all three stages on display at the same time, making this a popular hybrid.

Nelumbo Nucifera
The petals of this single flowering species are a soft cream toward the center, with bright pink tips. It is an excellent and sturdy species for the novice lotus grower.

Nelumbo Pink and Yellow
Single pink blooms soften to yellow by the third day. It is an excellent bloomer. The small to medium stature makes it suitable for a variety of situations.

Nelumbo Red Scarf
The dark-pink, reddish single flowers sit above medium-sized foliage. The petals are particularly narrow next to the pod, which gives these blossoms a unique look.

Nelumbo Rosy Clouds
Deep pink, almost red single blossoms adorn this medium-sized plant, which is an excellent performer.

Nelumbo Sweetheart
This variety of small or dwarf lotus plants. Flower/Foliage Description: Double, 4-6", white, greenish near centers. It has a high petal count; leaves might hide first blooms. It only grows to be 2-3 inches in height. It does best in the Hardiness Zones of 4-10.

Nelumbo lutea
American Lotus ‘Water Chinaquapin’ This American native is easy to grow. Yellow flowers bloom 10 inches above the water. Round blue-green leaves can reach 2 feet. It likes shallow water and can adapt to fairly small ponds.
Flowers: 7 to 11 inches, yellow; leaves 12 to 18 inches; height 2 ½ to 5 feet.

Nelumbo nucifera Sacred Lotus, (Egyptian)
This Asian species is bigger all around than our native species. The flowers, most typically a rose-pink but sometimes red or white, have an arresting aroma, especially when they first open.
Flowers: 12 inches, usually rose, fragrant; leaves to 3 feet; height to 6 feet.

Nelumbo nucifear var. rosea Red Lotus
A naturally occurring variety in China and Japan, this is among the bigger lotuses. Its medium-size, anise scented flowers are a rosy pink. The leaves are held more than 4 feet over the water.
Flowers: 8 to 10 inches, rose-pink, fragrant; leaves 18 inches; height to 6 feet.

Nelumbo cultivar ‘Rosea plena’ Double Rose Lotus
The flowers of this cultivar resemble a peony or a full, open rose with up to 100 deep rose-red petals, which are yellow at their base. Its 1-inch seed capsules almost disappear in the blossom. If well fertilized, it can grow shoulder high to most gardeners.
Flowers: to 13 inches, deep rose; leaves 18 inches; height to 5 feet.

Nelumbo cultivar ‘Angel Wings’
It does not take much imagination to see a band of angels in these white, pointed petals, which curl in slightly. As each flower first opens, the central seed capsule is charteuse with a green rim. The wavy, concave leaves may expand to 2 feet wide, but the plant itself rarely reaches 4 feet tall, making it an option for a small pond.
Flowers: 9 inches, white; leaves 18 to 24 inches; height under 4 feet.

Nelumbo cultivar ‘Shirokunshi’ Tulip Lotus
This pure white flower looks even more delicate because it has a mere 16 petals. This one is a good patio choice, since it stays relatively petite.
Flowers: 8 inches, white; leaves 18 inches; height 30 inches.

Picture provideds by: https://waterxscapes.com/, https://www.lewisginter.org

You are here: Home > Build A Koi Pond > Pond Plants > Lotus Flower > Lotus Variety

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