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Koi Pond Testimonials

"The Koi Pond Guide has been a welcomed discovery for me.

I have had a small pond, about 300 gallons, for years. I was finally able to enlarge it to just over 1750 gallons. When I decided to go bigger, I had many questions.

I spent hours going from link to link trying to sort through all the conflicting information scattered everywhere. Then, by luck, I stumbled onto Lisa’s site.

It is not only visually pleasing, but just packed with easy to navigate information on just about anything you need to know about water gardens, ponds and fish keeping.

The Koi Pond Guide has been the best resource I have found to help make my pond easier to care for and enjoy.

I have also ordered Goldfish and Koi from Lisa. She has been so friendly and helpful and the fish are healthy and just gorgeous.

The Koi Pond Guide is without a doubt my favorite website and I hope to enjoy and learn from it for many years. Picture coming soon."

Pam from White Hall, Maryland

"When Blue Mountain College made the decision to purchase gold fish for the pool area of a water feature on campus, we didn’t even know where to begin the process. An internet search provided information on Koi Pond Guide.

Who would have guessed a website would be so user friendly?

The site had beautiful pics of the different species offered, and after just a few clicks, we had ordered 15 gold fish.

Within minutes, I received an email from Lisa at Koi Pond Guide informing me that the order had been received. Lisa followed up with another email to let me know the fish had shipped and asked me if I would let her know when the fish arrived, as she “wanted to know that the fish arrived safely.” Talk about customer service!

I would recommend to anyone considering an addition of gold fish or koi to a water feature to visit Koi Pond Guide first. You will not be disappointed."

Pam B.

Administrative Assistant Office of the President

"Great customer service with quick responses, Wonderful QUALITY Koi."

Sarah from TX

"Lisa and the Koi Pond Guide comes through again! I wanted a very special fish and Lisa found it within a trusted supplier. The fish is a perfect example of what I requested. It will be a special member of my collection. I have been so pleased with the fish and the service that I will continue to upgrade my koi collection through Lisa and The Koi Pond Guide."

Pam E. White Hall from Md

"You have great prices but I'm also sold in that your web site is educating too. That's a good thing."

Thank you, Linda

"Thanks for the prompt delivery! We are all set to resume KoiZyming!

I will gladly do business with you again in the future."

Pamme Serafine

"I will definitely be referring you to people that have any interest in koi, and I can't thank you enough for being so attentive about their arrival and concern of their wellbeing.

You are truly wonderful people and your work shows with the love and attention you put into your fish, because they are truly beautiful.

Thank you again for everything."

Shelly from TN

"They are beautiful Koi! Very playful and a wonderful assortment of colors!

Thank you for great customer service, I was surprised when asked about the color of fish I wanted, I didn't think I had a choice.

I am very pleased with your company & the care in handling of the Koi and will definitely visit your website for more of my Koi needs.

I am so proud to have such beautiful KOI!"

Mary & Ben from AL

"The Koi Pond Guide has been so helpful with all my pond products. Not only is the response quick, but it is great knowing that I can email anytime. My koi are very important to me, therefore, Koi Pond Guide is also important for this novice."


"I love the Koi Pond Guide website and Lisa is extremely kind and helpful with any information I have about my Koi family.

The site is top notch for any questions or issues you may have about how to raise beautiful and healthy koi."

T. Roberts from NJ

"THANKS for all your help. This was definitely a good transaction and I enjoyed working with you. Good job at picking out the colors. "

Wendy from IL

Lisa helped me get the koi I wanted. She was great always getting back to me with answers to my questions. My koi were packaged properly and I received them within the 24 hrs as promised. They are growing and are in great health.

Lynn from NV

"The Koi Pond Guide is a great site. Lisa is very friendly and helpful.

Once we had a problem with one of her suppliers, Blue Ridge Fish. Lisa jumped right in to solve the problem and I ended up with a fish I liked even better.

Her site is filled with expert information and state of the art pond keeping supplies. Lisa works very hard to make sure that her customers are happy IF they let her. I would give her 10 stars. I wish all the sites I have delt with over the years where one half as good as The Koi Pond Guide! "

Pam Elliott from Md

"Excellent, I would definitely buy from this store again."

Jose from FL

"I Love to shop here with Lisa. She recently spent hours helping me figure out a problem with my 23 year old pond. She knows what she is talking about and suggests simple products that work.

I will always shop for my pond supplies here. She even contacts me days later to see if everything worked out.

"I will not shop anywhere else! Super service. Wonderful database."

Wendy from TX

"This winter we had a Koi that we had to bring inside due to the cold. It was difficult to have such a big fish inside as the ammonia level was too high. I was unable to find a good product in Canada to control ammonia but was able to find one at Koi-Pond-Guide along with an incredible amount of helpful information. When I emailed to get information on shipping the product to Canada the employee responded immediately and was extremely proactive in getting the product to me as quickly as possible. I also bought fish food but when it arrived there was a slight problem with the shipment. Koi-Pond-Guide immediately gave me a credit for the fish food and contacted the supplier who shipped me a new package of food at no charge. I was very impressed with the level of customer service and would definitely order from Koi-Pond-Guide again in spite of the additional charge to ship to Canada. It is still too cold here to feed our fish in the pond but the one we brought inside loves the Holistic Fish Food with freeze dried veggies and fruit and for a Koi he can be fussy."

Linda from Canada

"Lisa was amazing. Extremely helpful-very responsible and someone I would be happy to deal with again."

Kenneth from AZ

"You have been so helpful and understanding. I really appreciate doing business with you.

The order was delivered on time and when I requested specific colors, I received exactly what I asked for. I was very pleased. The fish were of high quality and beautiful. Koi-pond-guide.com has a new customer now."

Christopher from NY

"Awesome! Very efficient, very fast. Their products got rid of my algae overnight! Thank you!"

Harry from LA

Algae Fix and Eco Fix

"I would just like to say thanks for the great price you have for Avocet PLX 2.5 gallons. This is a wonderful product and keeps all my weeds in check for our 5 acre pond. Shipped quickly and carefully packed. Thanks again."



"I have to tell you how happy I am with our new Koi! There are just beautiful and have been so playful since day 1!

Your site is great and so is the customer service."

Michelle from AL

"Fast shipping and received exactly what I ordered for a good price."

Scott from OK

"Thank you for sending me such beautiful fish. I appreciate your help. The three koi I received from you are having a great time in their pond. All total there are 16 koi and they are beautiful swimming around, following the largest koi - that we call juice. The butterfly koi you sent is stunning as she or he spreads her wings and flies through the water. We call the yellow one from you, bullseye because his eyes are so clearly delineated by the coloring. And the third has a beautiful three color pattern."

Denver from CA

Thank you so much I really have enjoyed your time and will continue to use you guys for all of my needs. Thank you so much!!

Toni from SC

Got our first order from Koi Pond Guide and we are very happy with the quality and variety of Koi we got. Lisa was great to work with and you can tell she really cares about the fish. Called to make sure the delivery was OK and that it was going to the correct location. The wife is so happy with the new fish we are going to be ordering up another box next week.

Dave from ID

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