Goshiki are five color patterned fish.
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Goshiki Koi

Goshiki Koi

The Goshiki arose from breeding Asagi with Sanke to create a Sanke pattern overlaid on a blue ground. (Goshiki is pronounced “gosh-ki”, with the accent on the first syllable and the first “I” silent.)

“Go” is the Japanese word for five and Goshiki is therefore a five-colored fish: white, red, black, light blue, and dark blue. The mixture of the colors reveals the white ground as purplish.

In 1995, Goshiki was promoted out of the Kawarimono group, where it had competed with many other sub varieties to become a variety in its own right.

Goshiki with a more pronounced Asagi patterning of dark blue robing of the scales on white ground, are considered to be in the modern style and are called Kindai Goshiki (also known as Mameshibori-Goshiki). Darker ground, the more classic style, is called Kuro-Goshiki.

Water temperature appears to affect the intensity of the ground color. In cold water, a pale ground will turn dark, lightening again as the water warms.

A typical Kohaku and Sanke pattern is preferred for the hi markings, which should not be too large or dominant because much of the appeal lies in the attractive ground.

The robing should be confined to the ground color, although some will appear on the hi markings. The head marking should be bold and clear, with bright hi. Small hi markings in the pectoral fins (Goshiki-han) can help create balance to the pattern. Streaks of ai or hi in the tail and dorsal fin are not ideal but can be tolerated.

Breeding Goshiki to Sanke and Showa produces Goshiki-Sanke and Goshiki-Showa. These are rare, making them true connoisseur’s fish. Goshiki-Sanke reveals big, bold sumi markings, on or overlapping the hi markings or on the ground color while Goshiki-Showa have typical Showa markings and pattern. Doitsu and ginrin Goshiki are also found and can be very attractive.

You are here: Home > Koi Variety > Goshiki Koi

Reference:Koi by: Servaas de Kock & Ronnie Watt

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