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Blue Ridge Fish Process of Fish Quarantine and Bio-Security

We're committed to delivering a product that is as healthy and disease free as possible. Blue Ridge Fish operates under a strict bio-security plan to ensure that their ponds and facilities are not contaminated from outside sources.

All water entering our ponds and holding facilities passes through industrial-strength sand filters and UV sterilizers Passing through the sand filters first, water is filtered down to 20 microns. From there, water is sent onward to the UV sterilizers, which kill any viruses present in the water. Sensors monitor the UV dosage constantly, and the water flow is shut down automatically if the dosage ever falls below the known kill rate for SVC (spring viremia of carp) and KHV (koi herpes virus).

After passing through treatment, the water is sent on to our ponds and holding facilities. Upon completion of the treatment, our water is parasite free and literally clean enough to drink.

Sensors within the ultraviolet sterilizers automatically shut off the water flow to the ponds if the UV dosage falls below the known kill rate for SVC and KHV (Koi Herpes Virus).

Fish Quarantine

Bio-secure Koi and Bio-secure Goldfish - Since bringing in new Japanese brood stock in 2003, their doors have been closed to any new stocks on the farms. Imported goldfish are quarantined and packed out of separate facilities away from the ponds.

In addition they take the following precautions to ensure that their fish are one that you can have confidence in:

  • Water quality parameters in ponds and holding facilities are constantly monitored and adjusted. These parameters include dissolved oxygen levels, ammonia, nitrite, pH and salinity.
  • Samples of fish from ponds scheduled for harvest are quarantined for 14 days at temperatures at which Koi and goldfish are most susceptible to disease (70-75 degrees).
  • Samples are taken from ponds scheduled for harvest and examined microscopically for external parasites and the fish are medicated accordingly if needed.
  • Quarantined fish are periodically examined for signs of disease caused by bacteria and viruses and medicated accordingly.
  • If diseased fish are discovered during quarantine, sales of all potentially exposed fish are suspended.

Why Did We Pick Blue Ridge?

They set the standard for quality.

Koi and Butterfly Koi are repeatedly culled from over 5,000,000 fry, resulting in quality that rivals Japanese imports at half the price. Choose from two grades: Standard , Premium, and the Butterfly Koi.

Fish health is their obsession!

Fish are produced from quarantined ponds (no new fish since 2002).

Fish are quarantined in holding tanks for an additional 10 days after harvest.

During quarantine, fish are inspected and treated for any disease prior to shipment.

Periodic testing for the KHV virus.

Blue Ridge completed their 2nd quarantine greenhouse, (as of 01 Feb 2009), bringing their holding capacity to over 100,000 gallons.

To find out about our Shipping Process Click Here | Click Here for Our Koi and Goldfish Buying Process | To Learn More About Blue Ridge Click Here | Nishikigoi Terms & Koi Glossary

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