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Fish for Ponds

Choosing the right size and species of pond wildlife largely depends on the size of your water garden and the quality of the filter system. Some fish require well oxygenated water, and large swimming places, while others are at ease in small ponds with little water flow.

The addition of fish to your pond also helps to control the mosquitoes and they fertilize your plants. Remember, when fish stocking fish prefer shade, floating plants and stone ledges provide shade and also give your fish a place to hide.


 koi Fish picture

Japanese Koi are regarded as the prized fish of all the pond fish; they are sometimes called “Living Jewels”.

The history of Japanese Koi is as mysterious as they are beautiful. Popular conviction would have you believe that Koi are indigenous to Japan. In fact, they are even mistakenly called "Japanese Goldfish".

Koi are excellent pond fish and are within everybody’s budget. Koi are very compatible with other fish, but they can out compete smaller fish at feeding time.

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Goldfish Types

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Goldfish Types can be regarded as the standard bearer of all ornamental pond fish. Goldfish have been kept in garden ponds for hundreds of years. Goldfish remain the most popular type of pond fish and are often the first ones to be added to a new pond. There are more than 100 goldfish types. Initially prized by the wealthy rulers of China over 1,500 years ago, today the goldfish is the world's most widely kept pet.

Golden Rudd

Another popular coarse fish, the golden rudd, is silvery in color and has a metallic appearance. Its fins are usually orange and the skin has a slightly rough appearance. Golden rudd may grow to more than 15in long. Rudds are best kept in small shoals and will adapt to most backyard ponds. They scavenge at most levels in the water, as well as readily taking dried foods. In common with golden orfe, rudd prefers well-oxygenated water and frequently spawns in larger ponds.

Golden Orfe

Golden Orfe are extremely active and prefer well-oxygenated ponds with a good flow of water. Golden Orfe are relatively hardy but susceptible to lack of oxygen, especially in hot weather. Orfe are not recommended for small ponds. They do best with pond fountains or backyard waterfalls to provide good gaseous exchange. Although they are called golden orfe, these fish range in color from yellow through to deep orange. Orfe will grow quickly in well-filtered ponds and reach a size of 60 cm (24in) or more. They are a nervous fish, it is best not to keep with Koi.


Golden and green tench are a commonly available pond fish. They are instantly identifiable by their extremely slimy skin, which is covered in a thick layer of protective mucus. They prefer quieter waters, with less flow than many other species. They do well in small garden ponds.

Tench are extremely adaptable to most backyard ponds conditions and grow quickly. Green tench can reach 18in in length. These excellent scavengers generally feed from the bottom of the small garden ponds and are often not seen for weeks at a time, while they pick up insects and other food deep down in the water.

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