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Most Economical Filter 3500 Gallons

Atlantic Skimmer 8" Weir & Big Bahama BF1900 FilterFalls & 2 boxes SpringFlo Bio Ribbon
Atlantic Skimmer
  • * Installed outside the pond, keeps pump and plumbing hidden for better appearance, easy cleaning, catches floating debris in basket and fine debris with fiber filter mat
  • * Submersible pump sits inside the skimmer or external pump can be used to pull water from skimmer
  • * Flow range of 1000 gph to 3500 gph
  • * Made of high molecular weight polyethylene

pond system filtration

Model PS4500 Skimmer
  • * Weir Size: 8"
  • * Max pond area: 700 sq. ft.
  • * Pump range: 1000 - 3500 gph
  • * Made of high molecular weight polyethylene
  • * Includes: Basket, filter mat, lid, silicone

Atlantic Skimmer 9 inch Weir, PS4500

~Price $200.00

Big Bahama BF1900 FilterFalls pond system filtration

Professional water garden contractors demand the latest technology and highest quality construction available for the products they install. That concept led to the creation of the Big Bahama Pro Series FilterFalls. These products have all the attributes that make large-scale professional installations easy and successful.

  • * Waterfall Width: 19" spillway
  • * Dimensions: 28" wide x 25" deep x 21.5" high
  • * Pump Flow Range: 2,500 - 4,000 gph
  • * Bulkhead: 2"

Big Bahama BF1900 FilterFalls

~Price $300.00

SpringFlo Bio Ribbon pond system filtration

Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media is a polypropylene and calcium carbonate ribbon. The ribbon has an embossed diamond pattern that creates millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop bacteria. It is easy to use and maintain, inexpensive, and resists channeling, clogging, and compaction in both up-flow and horizontal flow environments. Each box is enough to filter approximately 1000 gallons.

SpringFlo Bio Ribbon

~Price $69.99

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