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Most Economical Filter

Choose a component from column A and one component from column B:

Column A Select One

Pondmaster PM2000 Filter pond system filtration

  • * In-pond filter, filter and plumbing visible in pond, must remove pump and filter from pond for cleaning
  • * Connects to submersible pumps with a threaded inlet
  • * Maximum flow of 1800 gph
  • * Filter box with locking handle. Approximately 12 x 24 x 3 3/4"
  • * Connects to intake side of pump with 1 inch tubing
  • * In-pond use only
  • * For up to 1,800 GPH.
  • * For ponds up to 2000 gallons
  • * Includes (4) Foam Blocks and (2) Coarse Pads

Signal 800 In-Pond Filter
pond system filtration

  • * In-Pond filter, filter and plumbing visible in pond, must remove pump and filter from pond for cleaning
  • * Pump sits inside filter so pump is not visible in pond, does not require threaded inlet
  • * Maximum flow of 3500 gph

Rigid in-pond filters combine biological and mechanical filtration. Easily cleaned and efficient. Black rigid container. Use alone or as an intake mechanical filter for larger ponds.

The exterior dimensions of our Model 800 filter are approximately 16 inches in diameter x 10.5 inches deep and is designed for water gardens up to 750 gallons. Heavy duty filter housing includes 2 filter pads, 2.5 gallons Bio-Balls, and filter bag.

Signal 800 In-Pond Filter

~Price $65.00

Column B Select One

Atlantic BF1000 FilterFalls & SpringFlo Bio Ribbon
pond system filtration

  • * Up-flow filter with 14” spillway
  • * Simplifies building waterfall
  • * Comes with fiber mat and mesh bag for Springflo bio-ribbon
  • * Fiber mat will require occasional cleaning
  • * Maximum flow of 2400 gph

The Filterfalls is an up-flow filter. Water flows from the pump through the bulkhead fitting into the swirl chamber at the bottom of the filter enclosure; then through the grate and filter mat where solids are removed. Lastly, through the media bag and filter material, and out over the spillway.

  • # Container is ruggedly built from high molecular weight polyethylene (.250 inch gauge).
  • # 20 inches L x 15 inches W x 15 inches H
  • # 14 inch Spillway
  • # Max. Flow: 2400 GPH
  • # Container Capacity - 8 Gallons
  • # Includes: 1-1/2 inch Bulkhead, Grate, Media Bag (for adding additional filter material such as Springflo Bio-Filter Media), and 12" diameter Filter Mat
  • # 1-1/2" FPT Inlet on left side facing spillway
Atlantic BF1000 FilterFalls

~Price $95.00

SpringFlo Bio Ribbon pond system filtration

Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media is a polypropylene and calcium carbonate ribbon. The ribbon has an embossed diamond pattern that creates millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop bacteria. It is easy to use and maintain, inexpensive, and resists channeling, clogging, and compaction in both up-flow and horizontal flow environments. Each box is enough to filter approximately 1000 gallons.

SpringFlo Bio Ribbon

~Price $69.99

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