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Buying Fish Online

Pams Koi

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Buying Koi on the internet is actually very convenient for people who live in areas of the country that don't have Koi dealers. That's really the only way a lot of people can buy their fish.

Buying Fish Online does not have to be a intensive process. There are certain points you need to look for when buying fish online. Just follow the pointers in this article to make your buying process as simple as possible.

Where to Buy

You want to be assured that the fish you are buying are coming from healthy stock. When buying Koi you need to be confident that you are buying healthy and well cared for Koi. If you are in doubt, ask questions. What is their quarantine process? What is their shipping process? Most dealers are very honorable, have healthy fish and will back their fish. Also, the pictures that you see on the website's are usually a good representation of the actual fish.

Security From Online Stores

It is a big world out there in terms of online shopping & buying. So many options, and there a lot of online places that now sell Koi and Goldfish. Which one should you choose?

Check out the website, is it secure or if not, does it allow you to place your order in a secure place like, Google Checkout or PayPal? If a website is asking you to provide your credit card number or some other personal information on their website check for the secure seal or in the address bar check to make sure it starts with https instead of http, the S means you are on a secure site.

Does the website give you a way to contact them, either by email or by phone? Before making your purchase can you contact them with a question (either on the buying process or about the fish themselves)?

Does the website provide you with information on how to care for your Koi or fish? Or is it just a place to buy fish with very little information?

Another indicator when trying to decide if you have found a website that deserves your business is, what does your gut tell you? A lot of times we pass that information off and later regret not listening to our intuition, so what does your intuition tell you about the website?

When Your Fish Arrive

After you purchase your fish you should be clear of when your fish is being shipped and when it will arrive at your home so you can be there or can arrange for someone to be there to get your fish. We know when we ship our fish it is done by UPS and it is shipped overnight, and they usually arrive by 12 noon.

Your fish and Koi will likely be stressed from the trip and now would be a good time to use Stress Coat. Leave your Koi in the quarantine tank for 14 days and remember to continue refilling it with your pond water so by the end of the 2 weeks your Koi will be acclimated to your pond water.

The backyard pond where your new fish will eventually live should have completed the initial nitrogen (ammonia) cycle before they are added. If the backyard pond is already established, this will not be a problem. If it is a new pond, it should be cycled before you even order the fish. If you need more information on cycling your pond check out our article on Pond Stocking.

Stocking Levels

When stocking your pond with fish, remember, an overcrowded pond is one of the main causes of stress in a Koi. Stress, causes diseases.

When you have a large number of fish in your pond you need the right pond equipment to support the large numbers of fish and to help keep your pond clean. A high quality pump and filter system will allow you to keep more fish in your pond then a bare bones economy system.

A general guideline to go by for stocking levels is to keep no more than one Koi for every 10 square ft. of surface area and no more than one goldfish for every 3-4 square ft. of surface area.

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You are here: Home > Koi and Pond Article Library > Buying Fish Online


Purchased 3 Standard Butterfly Koi for her Mothers Birthday.

Thank you so much...my mom loves them and they are beautiful...we can't wait for them to reach their full length. They are doing really well...thank you so much..I have you saved in my favorites, so when I'm ready to have some of my own I know who I will be ordering from. Thank you for asking me about what colors I would like, I thought I would get whatever you picked out, and I really do appreciate it.

I will defenatly be refering you to people that have any interest in koi, and I can't thank you enough for being so attentive about their arrival and concern of their well being..You are truely wounderful people and your work shows with the love and attention you put into your fish, because they are truly beautiful...Thank you again for everything.

Shelly from TN

They are beautiful Koi! Very playful and a wonderful assortment of colors! Thank you for great customer service, I was surprised when asked about the color of fish I wanted, I didn't think I had a choice. I am very pleased with your company & the care in handling of the Koi and will definitely visit your website for more of my Koi needs.

Our Koi are doing wonderful! I was able to snap some pics of them today, not great quality, but you can see they are healthy and thriving in their new environment. Shushi, Mr. Mojo, BAB, Speedy, Gin, Candy, Damien are their names, hope you enjoy the pics.

I am so proud to have such beautiful KOI!

Mary & Ben from AL

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