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Filling the Pond for the First Time

As you tighten a few fittings perhaps or re-arrange a few of the rocks to create that natural appearance you should be able to begin filling your pond with water. It may take half an hour or half a day, depending on how big the pond is.

Now is the BEST opportunity you will ever have of getting your correct gallonage. You can easily do this by noting the reading on the water meter before you begin then after you finish take the reading again and do the math. You can also use a water meter that attaches to the end of your water hose while filling the pond.

build a fish pond

Design Tip

Rocks can be used to help create a natural landscape or can formalize the pond setting, depending on the way they are used. For example: A formal garden where nautral or man-made rocks are used can be achieved by the construction of stacked stone walls or by selecting same-sized rocks for the perimeter of the pond. This creates a uniform daisy-chain or pearl necklace. On the other hand if a more nautral effect is desired, random placing of different sized rocks is the key. Choose rocks for their individual appeal and place them a few feet away from the pond. The addition of both marginal pond plants and outside-the-pond landscaping will further create the nautral pond. "Fallen logs" are used in woodland setting to offer wildlife refuge for birds and frogs. Try allowing them to "fall" into the stream or just on the edge.

Fine-Tuning the System

After the pond is filled with water the moment approaches when you plug in the power and test the results of your labor. You hold your breath in anticipation as the water is sucked out of the bottom drain and begins filling the upper pond or the waterfall...

Rarely is anyone disappointed with their new pond, however, sometimes something may go wrong and adjustments are needed to fix the problem. Below is a trouble-shooting guide of sorts of a few more common problems that can occur.

  • Waterfall not flowing as much as you wish? Try restricting water to the induction jets by lowering the gate valves a little until the correct flow to the waterfall is established.
  • Is the pump losing its prime after it is turned off and then turned back on? Was a check valve properly installed between both the bottom drain and the pump and the skimmer and the pump? All the water will run out of the pump and back into the pond whenever the pump is turned off except when a back flow preventer (aka check valve) is installed properly.
  • Why is the cap to my 3” bottom drain floating? The dome that covers the 3” bottom drain opening must be filled with sand to prevent it from floating to the surface of the pond.
  • I have a UV on my system. Why is my water turning green? The water may be passing through the unit too quickly for it to be effective. Try raising the gate valve in the UV by-pass slightly to allow less water pressure through the unit. There is a chance also that the unit is not getting enough water through it. If the first does not work (or the green gets thicker) try pushing the gate valve down a little to force more water through the unit.

Savings Tip

Placing a check valve between the waterfall and the pump will prevent water from back-flowing into the pump whenever power to the pump is truned off. This is important becuase when water rushes back into the pressure side of the pump it turns the impeller backwards and can cause damage and void the warranty.

Important: Do Not Add Koi or Pond Fish until you have successfully cycled your pond. For more information on Pond Stocking Click Here.

build a fish pond

Resources: This article is from the Pond Doc's Website.

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If you have young children you should fence in your pond or have a rigid safety covering so that an accidental drowning will be prevented.

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