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Best Filtration 3500 Gallons

Choose a Skimmer from column A and the Ultima II Filter 4000 in column B:

Column A Select One

Atlantic Skimmer 9" Weir
pond filtration system

  • Dimensions: 17"W x 24"D x 22"H
  • Weir Size: 9"
  • Max pond area: 700 sq. ft.
  • Pump range: 1000 - 3500 gph
  • Made of high molecular weight polyethylene
  • Includes: Basket, filter mat, lid, silicone
Atlantic Skimmer 9 inch Weir, PS4500

~Price $253.00

Savio Skimmer / Filter Base Unit
pond filtration system

Savio Skimmerfilters can be used as the total filtration solution for ponds up to 1,000 gallons. This all in one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra equipment.

Savio SkimmerFilter Base Unit

~Price $402.00

  • # Removes up to 85% of debris before it sinks.
  • # Submersible pump sits inside the skimmer or external pump can be used to pull water from skimmer
  • # Macro filtration traps large debris.
  • # Optional UV clarifier eliminates green water.
  • # Bio-Mechanical filtration maintains healthy living bacteria & polishes water.
  • # Sturdy locking cover.
  • # Bio-mechanical filter mat and frame.
  • # Spacious pump chamber.
  • # Mid-water intake option.
  • # Rugged leaf basket.
  • # External pump outlet.
  • # Injection molded housing.
  • # One-click locking weir for complete isolation.
  • # Can also be used as a stand alone filter for ponds up to 1000 gallons.
  • # Manufacturer's 5 year limited warranty
  • # Please note that the outlet holes are not cut. This will require the use of a hole saw or jigsaw.
  • #Choose from 6", 8.5", or 16" weir opening.

Faceplate Size Pond
Surface Area
Pump GPH (min-max)
for Optimum performance
6 inch Up to 300 sq. ft. Recommended Flow
500-3,500 gph
8.5 inch Up to 500 sq. ft. Recommended Flow
1,200-5,000 gph
16 inch Up to 1,200 sq. ft. Recommended Flow
3,500-8,500 gph

Column B

Ultima II Filter 4,000 w/ 2inch Valve
pond filtration system

Aqua Ultraviolet presents the next generation of filters and the best tool for Koi ponds. The Ultima II is specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of ponds.The lightweight media is designed for very high flow rates. There is a patent pending on this tubular media which has low head loss and a very high biofilm surface. The “Y” shape on the inside and wings on the outside affords a protective surface under backwashing and our patent pending backwash system will keep the media from clogging. The same properties have been added to this media in three different sizes with random lengths and diameters to avoid stacking. One cubic foot of Ultima II media is equal to 750 square feet of surface area. Cleaning the filter is done by internal jets. The Ultima II is also the ideal filter for aquariums where very high flow rates are desired.

  • Very Heavy Flow Rate
  • No Channeling
  • Minutes to Backwash
  • Heavy Fish Loads
  • Compact Filter Can be Buried
  • For Ponds up to 4,000 Gal.
  • 20-1/2" dia. x 39-3/4" tall
  • 2" FPT inlet and outlet
  • Includes unions which make inlet and outlet 2" slip fitting.
  • Minimum Flow Rate: for proper backwashing your pump should have enough pressure to be capable of pumping 4000GPH @10' of head. Magnetic drive or "hybrid" pumps should not be used.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 7500 GPH
  • Recommended flow rate: 2000-4500 GPH
  • 1 Year Warranty

Ultima II Filter 4,000 w/ 2inch Valve

~Price $1,085.00

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