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The Barbados Pond Kit

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This water garden pond and waterfall kit contains just about everything that you need to construct your pond except for the stone and water. With this pond kit you can build a pond up to 11 ft x 21 ft x 1.5 ft deep or 10 ft x 20 ft at 2 ft deep, up to 3000 gallons.

The Barbados Pond Kit includes:

  • 15 x 25 Pondgard Rubber Pond Liner
  • Pond Underlayment
  • Savio WMS3600 Pump
  • Savio Skimmer
  • 8.5" Skimmer Weir/Faceplate Opening
  • Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter
  • 30 ft. 1-1/2" Flexible PVC
  • All Necessary Plumbing
  • Microbe-Lift PL
  • Vanish Dechlorinator
  • Installation instructions
  • Savio Build a Pond DVD

This pond kit has been designed specifically for the do-it-yourselfer while still using professional quality equipment. Careful planning has gone into our kits to provide you with unparalleled quality, reliability, and an easy to maintain water garden.

Our convenient pond kits eliminate the search for compatible parts.Creating your own tranquil watergarden has never been easier.

Low-maintenance equipment means you get to spend more time relaxing to the sound of your new waterfall.

Detailed Description of Barbados Pond Kit Components

Barbados Pond Kit

~Price $1,780.00

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You are here: Home > Build a Koi Pond > Pond Kits > Barbados Pond Kit

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Barbados Pond Kit

~Price $1,780.00

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