Ammo-Lock Lowest Price Laboratory Test to Prove the Efficacy using fish cell tissue cultures in the presence of ammonia.
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Ammo Lock by PondCare®

Instantly detoxifies ammonia from fish waste, tap water, uneaten fish food, decomposing plants, and algae. Prepares tap water for plants and fish.

  • Removes chlorine and chloramines from tap and well water.
  • Eliminates ammonia stress and promotes healthy gill function.
  • 16 oz. bottle treats 1920 gallons.

Laboratory Test to Prove the Efficacy using fish cell tissue cultures in the presence of ammonia.

16 oz Size Treats 1,920 gal

~Price $18.00

64 oz Size Treats 7,680 gal

~Price $38.99

Frequently asked questions

Q: I just filled my pond with water. When should I treat?

A: Add before you add fish and plants. It is necessary to remove chlorine and chloramines before aquatic life is placed in the pond.

Q: How fast will it work?

A: It works instantly. In a large pond, however, we suggest waiting a few minutes for it to circulate in the water.

Q: Can I use while my biological filter is developing?

A: Yes. The ammonia level will rise and fall as the biological filter forms in a new pond or at the start of each pond season. Ammo-Lock® will protect the fish from ammonia while the biological filter becomes established. Ammo-Lock® does not inhibit the development of the biological filter.

Q: After adding my ammonia, test kit still tests positive.

A: Does not "remove" ammonia from the pond. It simply makes the ammonia non-toxic to the fish. The ammonia level will drop as the biological filter consumes the ammonia.

Q: I was displaying my fish at a koi show. The ammonia was getting high so I added Ammo Lock®. The fish visibly improved in minutes. Why?

A: It works instantly to block the toxic stressful affects of ammonia. Koi are very sensitive to poor water quality and will look stressed when the ammonia is high. The beneficial properties can be seen quite dramatically on sensitive fish like Koi.

Q: My bottle froze this winter. Is the product still good?

A: Yes. Freeze and thaw will not harm the product. We recommend storing all products at room temperature, avoiding extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Q: Wildlife frequently visit my pond. Can I use Ammo Lock in my pond?

A: Yes.

Information provided by Pond Care®

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