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AlgaeFix® and EcoFix® by Pond Care® are the Best Combination for a Cleaner and Healthier Pond.

Step 1

Use AlgaeFix to Kill the Algae and Keep it Away

AlgaeFix effectively controls algae problems & reduces pond maintenance:

  • Can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish
  • Kills existing algae, including string algae and controls additional algae blooms.
  • E.P.A.-registered, for use in the USA to control String Algae & Blanket Weed (Oedogonium).

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Step 2

Use EcoFix, a Natural Bacterial Cleaner to Eliminate the Dead Algae, Clean Your Pond & Keep it Clean-Naturally

Beneficial bacteria that make pond water clear and clean, allowing you to see and enjoy your beautiful, healthy fish:

  • Helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish.
  • Makes pond water clean and clear
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Increases the oxygen level in the pond

Murky, cloudy water keeps you from enjoying your pond and fish as much as you would like. In addition, dissolved organics and sludge build up and reduce the oxygen concentration in the water, creating a breeding ground for disease-causing, pathogenic bacteria. By digesting sludge and reducing dissolved organics, EcoFix reduces organic pollution, increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water and creates and maintains a healthy ecosystem in your pond. EcoFix reduces pond maintenance and encourages a cleaner environment. The stable bacterial strains in EcoFix are safe for all pond life.

Kill the algae with AlgaeFix, then use EcoFix to keep your pond healthy. EcoFix is an all-natural bacterial product that helps keep water clean and clear. The bacteria immediately go to work, breaking down the dead algae, sludge, fish waste and excess food, along with debris on the pond bottom. This helps to increase the oxygen level in the water and increase the efficiency of the pond filter. EcoFix adds beneficial bacteria that keep the pond in balance. For best results, first kill the algae with AlgaeFix, then add EcoFix to keep the water clean and clear. EcoFix goes to work in minutes to start the natural process to clean up your pond water.

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You are here: Home > Pond Shop > Algae Fix > Eco Fix > Algae Fix & Eco Fix the Magic Combination

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Amazing product. We have had our Koi pond since 2000. We have been using algae control and clear water products recommended by the garden center that installed our pond with not so great results. I decided to try the AlgaeFix and the EcoFix products. They arrived on a Wednesday, by Friday I could already see a difference in the quality of the water. Today is Saturday and the water is crystal clear, we can see completely to the bottom of the pond which is 3 - 4 feet deep. I am amazed at how well these products are working. Thanks so much for great products to help us enjoy our beautiful Koi pond even more.

Bill and Karen from Indiana

I bought both AlgaeFix and EcoFix based on customer reviews. After two treatments with both, the water in our 6,000 gallon pond went from pea soup to crystal clear. Did not harm Koi or plants. Great products, wish I'd found them sooner!

Dena from West Virginia


EcoFix & Algae Fix

Janet from Missouri

Awesome! Very efficient, very fast. Their products got rid of my algae overnight! Thank you!

EcoFix & Algae Fix

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