Algae Control Product Comparison Chart
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Algae Control Product Comparison Chart

This chart is intended to be a guideline to assist you in selecting the algae control method that works for you.

Every pond is different and results will vary from situation to situation. No guarantees are implied by the resource listed below.

Algae Control & Water Quality Products Algaecide Flocculent Natural Bacteria Enzyme Oxidizer Pond Dye Safe for Plants Safe for Fish
Accu Clear   X       X X
AlgaeFix X         X X
Algae Off X     X   X X
Algaway 5.4 X         X X
Barley Straw     X     X X
Barley Extract     X     X X
Biological Clarifier     X     X X
Blue Lagoon         X X X
Clarity Max     X     X X
EcoFix     X     X X
Loch Ness Pond Dye         X X X
Microbe Lift PL     X     X X
Microbial Algae Clean X   X     X X
Microbe Lift Sludge Away     X     X X
Microbe Lift Spring/Summer     X     X X
Microbe Lift Autumn Winter     X     X X
Simply Clear   X X     X X
Ultraviolet Clarifiers           X X

Algaecide - These products are registered with the EPA as true algaecides. These products should directly kill algae within the pond.

Flocculent - A flocculent causes suspended organic material in the pond to clump up and sink. This does not eliminate them from the water, but should provide good, temporary results. It can also allow your mechanical filter to better trap the larger particles.

Natural Bacteria/Enzyme - These products are all-natural items formulated from living bacteria and/or enzymes. These do not have a direct control of algae. They will improve the conditions within the pond to help reduce algae growth.

Oxidizer - These products will chemically break down organics in the water reducing sludge and algae.

Pond Dye - The dyes can be used for simply the decorative effect, but they also limit the amount of sunlight penetrating the water reducing algae growth.

Safe for Plants - These products should not harm plant life when used as directed.

Safe for Fish - These products should not harm fish when used as directed.

You are here: Home > Pond Algae Control > Algae Control Product Comparison Chart

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