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Pond Alage Control
September 08, 2014

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Like all plants, algae require nutrients to grow and reproduce. Because algae are free-floating, they must get those nutrients from the water. They have no ability to obtain them from the pond bottom. Thus, the higher the nutrient level in the pond, the more algae you will have. As your pond becomes increasingly fit to support life it will develop the slightest tint of pale amber (this is the color it should be). The color of your water will help you decide what the problem is and how to correct it.

Green pond water is caused by single-celled free-swimming algae. They are individually microscopic but may be present in such numbers to make your pond water look as if it is filled with green distemper. Green pond water will clear with submerged oxygenates and surface covering plants. The surface cover of water lily and other leaves cut off sunlight at the surface and is an effective pond algae treatment.

If your pond is not new it has an excess of nutrients in the water, coupled with a lack of plant cover on the surface of the pond. Excess nutrients can be the result of overfeeding, overstocking with fish or a lack of filtration. In a pond where everything is balanced with the correct level of fish and plants, pond water should be clear.

Mosslike algae that grow on the side of the pond are beneficial and a sign of good pond health. Because they harbor the same kind of bacteria found in an artificial biological filter, they help to remove toxic chemicals from your water.

The keys to a balanced system are:

  • A Pond of the Proper Depth
  • A Good Pond Filtration System
  • Having A Balance of Plants Fish
  • Using a UV Clarifier

It is important to avoid the urge to empty a pond full of green pond water. Although this may seem the sensible thing to do for algae control, nothing could be further from the truth. Emptying the pond water will temporarily alleviate the green pond water situation, but minerals in tap water will cause the refilled pond to become thick with algae very quickly. These salts and minerals are one of the causes of algae and take a long time to break down. The recipe for clear water is simply plants and patience. It is generally ponds with insufficient plant growth that experience pond algae problems.

Filamentous algae

Filamentous algae are single algae cells that form long visible chains, threads, or filaments. These filaments intertwine forming a mat that resembles wet wool. Filamentous algae starts growing along the bottom in shallow water or attached to structures in the water (like rocks or other aquatic plants). Often filamentous algae floats to the surface forming largemats, which are commonly referred to as "Pond scums." There are many species of filamentous algae and often more than one species will be present at the same time in the pond.

The active ingredients that have been successful in treating filamentous algae include copper based compounds (E), sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (G), and diquat (G). E = excellent, G = good

Remember that Koi are plant eaters, and it’s healthy for them to eat the algae off the sides and bottom of your pond.

There are plenty of Algae products for pond algae control. AlgaeFix® and EcoFix® work well together to give you an algae free pond and keep your Koi beautiful.

For the Algae Control & Water Clarity Product Comparison Chart Click Here.

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