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Do You Have Green Pond Water?#022
June 15, 2010

Green Pond Water

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Now that summer has officially begun, and the weather has heated up, has algae taken over your pond?

Temperature is a major factor in the growth of algae. Your Koi are more active and eating more which means they are producing more waste. Your filter has to work overtime to keep up. These are the times when your water chemistry can get out of balance and produce algae blooms.

One of the major causes of algae is overfeeding your fish. Feed your Koi only what they can eat in 3 to 5 minutes, twice a day. If there is any food left after feeding, always remove it. If you let organic matter accumulate or offer excessive food, the resulting population explosion of bacteria will lead to an algae break out and green pond water. Commercial pond algae removal are available to eliminate the excess organisms that flourish when you make the mistake of overfeeding.

Another cause of algae is not removing dead debris or fallen leaves. Leaves that sit in the pond water for a couple of weeks before being removed have already added as much as 50% of their nutrients to the water. And you know that the more nutrients in your pond the more algae.

The next most common cause of excess algae is overstocking with fish. Here is a table to help you determine how many Koi you should have in your pond.

Size of Pond Inches of Koi at 1.5”per sq. ft. pond Surface area 8”-Koi 10”-Koi 12”-Koi
6x9 feet 81 10 8 7
8x12 feet 144 18 14 12
10x14feet 210 27 21 17

Types of Algae

Did you know there are thousands of species of algae? All are plants, using chlorophyll for photosynthesis. They all need, to varying degrees, water, light and nutrients, and there is usually no shortage of any of them in a fed, fish pond.

Filamentous algae are a type of algae that forms long, hairy looking strands. Some of these algae can be yellow or gold. These algae can be easily raked out of your pond.

Planktonic is a term that covers all forms of algae that are suspended in water. These algae have thread like tails, called flagella that allow them to move through the water. This is where the green pond water comes from. This is a very natural occurrence that happens whenever the water heats up and there is enough "fuel" in the water to feed the algae.

Ways to Clean up the Algae

Algae, like most plants, need sunlight to survive. By shading a pond, algae will not survive. This may be done in several ways. Water plants that have foliage on the surface will work, such as: water hyacinths, water lettuce and water lilies. It takes 50% to 75% of shading to achieve the desired results. Water plants also compete with algae for nutrients in the water. The more plants you have, the more the algae starve and reproduce less. By adding plants you will need to remove all dead leaves and plant material. Dead leaves, plants, or fish are an excellent source of nutrients for algae, so by removing them, you will slow algae growth.

Keep submerged plants, or “oxygenators” in your pond. They act as natural filters and remove excess nutrients from the pond, keeping the water clear. The higher the nutrient level in the pond, the more algae you will have.

Install an ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer for your pond. UV lights sterilize the algae and prevent it from reproducing. A UV sterilizer is set up to allow the pond water to pass through it in the normal circulation process. When installed correctly, a UV will show outstanding results within a matter of a day or two. As the water passes through the sterilizer, ultraviolet rays kill algae and other harmful bacteria. For a UV sterilizer to be effective you need to purchase one that is equivalent to your pond size.

For a chemical solution to algae, AlgaeFix™ is the answer. AlgaeFix™ by Pondcare Products effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants. Controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms. AlgaeFix™ is safe for fish and plants. This product is best used together with EcoFix™ by Pondcare Products. EcoFix™ is a natural bacterial cleaner to eliminate the dead algae, clean your pond and keep it clean-naturally. Kill the algae with AlgaeFix, and then use EcoFix™ to keep your pond healthy.

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