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Stress in your Koi or Pond Fish
September 17, 2014

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Stress is the term used to describe the sum of the physiological changes an organism incurs in response to adverse external influences. The external influences are what causes the stressors. The way to reduce stress in your Koi is to keep good water levels and not add anything in your pond that hasn’t been quarantined. The best way to keep your Koi immune levels high is by using Koizyme, click here to learn more about it.

The Health of your Koi is almost always an issue of Water Quality, Koi husbandry and Stress. Most Koi parasites and diseases are already present in every Koi pond, your Koi have a unique system, in that, it already has in place what it needs to protect itself from most of these parasites. But when your Koi become stressed this unique system breaks down, and your fish and Koi become extremely susceptible to infectious diseases. Of course there are exceptions, but if you maintain optimal water quality conditions and know your fish's behavior you can prevent more diseases and save your fish's lives by helping them stay stress free. Clear water can contain many harmful elements that you are unable to see, this is why regular water testing is so important.

Resistance to disease can only be built up by Koi who are exposed to it in very mild doses. The provision of good water quality is the foundation upon which all good Koi & keeping is based. Water quality is maintained by having an appropriate filtration system, performing regular water changes, paying attention to stocking levels, consistency in the water source in terms of pH, minerals, and lack of chlorine and chloramine, and feeding the proper amounts of appropriate Koi food. The key here is to adapt the fish to the environmental variables (pH, trace minerals, etc.) over time; Koi will adapt to changes in water chemistry gradually, though they prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline pH (7.0 8.5 and moderately hard water (60 to 120 mg/L).

Topping off the pond due to evaporation (winter or summer) does not constitute a water change. Water Changes are important in your water quality. If you can appreciate that a pond is your Koi's toilet bowl, then you will understand the need to flush it.

A great product to reduce stress in fish or Koi is Debride Pro Health. Debride Pro Health calms fish, reduces losses, eases stress, minimizes infection and aids healing.

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