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Koi pond guide, Issue #001 -- Baby Koi
June 04, 2009

Koi Times

Welcome to the 20 new subscribers. The Baby Koi: The proper term for baby Koi is Fry. If you have the space and time, raising young fry can be a lot of fun, if only to see how their color develops and their body shapes up. Raising your Koi is fun, but it's also a lot of work and expense. The food for the first two months runs about $300.

The appetites of older Koi are easy to satisfy. Newly hatched fry are a different matter. They have very specific nutritional requirements and, because of their tiny mouths, their food must be in a size that they can handle.

Foods for baby Koi fall into three categories:

  • Commercial foods: Those specifically created for baby fish, (such as liquid fry food) or foods for larger fish (such as blended freeze-dried krill) that you modify to be acceptable to tiny Koi.
  • Live foods: Food such as baby brine shrimp that can be hatched from commercially available eggs
  • Foods from your refrigerator: Foods that are part of a human diet such as hard boiled eggs.

Here is a table of foods to meet the fry's nutritional requirements:

Fry Foods to Have on Hand

Food Amount
Liquid fry feeder four dozen tubes
Brine shrimp eggs for
hatching live brine shrimp
15 oz.can
Frozen baby brine shrimp 1.75 oz.
Powdered fry food for egg layers 50-lb. bag
Hard boiled eggs cook a dozen and use as needed
Fish flake food 1lb.
Freeze dried krill,
powdered in your blender
16-oz bag
Frozen daphia cubes 16-oz package
Standard Koi food,
powdered in your blender
5 lbs.
Baby-Koi sinking pellets 5 lbs.
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Happy Ponding,

Lisa Lane
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