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All About Koi

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In All About Koi you will learn:

  • How to build the Best Koi Pond to support your Koi
  • All you ever needed to know about Breeding your Koi
  • The Proper way to build a Quarantine Tank
  • Koi Diseases with Pictures and How to Treat and Prevent them
  • Much, much more!

Whether you are a beginner or a Koi pond specialist This ebook contains all the tips, tricks, techniques and professional pond secrets you need to know to have a beautiful, optimal ecosystem, with healthy fish!

When you know how to keep your pond conditions perfect, you can sit back and relax because all of your fish will stay alert, interactive and healthy.

Imagine your pond and Koi being the talk of the neighborhood and loved by everyone who sees it.

All About Koi Ebook

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All About Koi

All About Koi Ebook

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A Look Inside All About Koi

Ch.1 Questions to Ask before Pond Building Covers these Questions with the Answers.

  • Where should I put my pond?
  • How deep should my pond be?
  • What size and shape should my pond be?
  • How many Koi should you have?

Ch.2 Koi Pond Supplies

  • This chapter goes into detail on Equipment you Must have to keep your Koi and Pond healthy.
  • It also tells you more ways to bring Oxygen to your water and other supplies you need to have.

Ch.3 Tells you all about your Water Quality

This chapter has a chart that tells your optimal water levels and what to do if your water quality is not at this level. It tells you all about Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates. It also talks more about the Oxygen levels of your pond.

Ch.4 Is the Pond Doc's Step By Step Guide to Building a Low Maintenance Pond

Ch.5 Pond Planning and Pitfalls

No matter how much we plan, something always seems to go wrong. If this is you then this is a Chapter you will want to read.

Ch.6 Is dedicated to your Koi Health

This will be a chapter you will refer to time and again. It tells about Abnormal fish behaviors and the signs to look for.

Ch.7 Bringing your Koi home.

The first steps to having a Healthy Koi.

Ch.8 Qarantine Tank

Is there really a need to quarantine new Koi fish before you put them in your pond? This chapter answers this very important question. It also tells you how to set up your Quarantine Tank.

Ch.9 Koi Health Ailments

This will be another chapter that you can refer to time and time, again. No matter how hard we try to keep our Koi healthy and our pond in optimal condition for our Koi, our fish still get sick. This chapter will help you if you have a sick Koi and the procedures you need to take. This chapter also has pictures of the most common Diseases that affect our Koi.

Ch.10 Koi Nutrition

This chapter takes you through all the important aspects of feeding your Koi. Supplements, proper food storage, correct Ingredients for Koi Food, and it has a Seasonal feeding guide.

Ch.11 Koi Breeding

This chapter will take you through the process of Koi Breeding, what months do Koi spawn, how old and what size should your Koi be too spawn, to caring for the Baby Koi (fry).

Ch.12 Your Koi Collection

What color, patterns, and body conformation you need to look for when purchasing your Koi.

And More!!

All About Koi

~Price $29.99 $15.00

Pay with Safe and Secure Pay Pal.

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This is a Reference Book you will be able to refer to time and time again. It has tons of helpful information for keeping your Koi healthy. Think of the money you will be save by not having to replace your fish because they got sick and you did not know what to do. This is a book you can not afford to do without.

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